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10 Of The Top Rated Healthcare Apps for Doctors & Nurses

Tablet and other mobile devices are changing the ways in which healthcare providers access medical information and interface with patients. Apple’s iPad continues to be the tablet of choice for most physicians, followed by the Kindle Fire. For portability reasons, though, many clinicians still prefer toting a smaller smart phone than a larger tablet.

As tablet use in healthcare becomes more common place, the number of apps which boast usefulness to the medical professional also soars, and providers need to be sure that the apps they’re using in their practices provide relevant and accurate information, a rather daunting task considering the number of apps available.

Mobile Health Newspublished a list of their top 80 applications for healthcare

Mobile Health News’ complete list of 80 can be found here.  professionalsThe list covers apps relevant to physicians and nurses.

Here, 10 apps for medical professionals in the various care categories.

Medical References: 

1. Medscape “The leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.” Apple users give this app 4.5 stars. It’s free, and gives the user access to medical news, drug and disease information, medical calculators, and continuing medical education information. 

2. Visual DX is a “support and reference tool for physicians includes 1300+ diagnoses and 28000+ medical images to aid diagnosis.” The app includes actual patient pictures depicting symptoms of different disease in order to help clinicians and students visually identify different illnesses.

3. Epocrates and Epocrates CME are both “trusted clinical resource[s]…[with] more than 2 million active members including physicians. Through this app you can find consults and referrals in the provider directory, review drug-prescribing information, perform different clinically important calculations. 

4. Muscle System Pro III was developed “in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine.” The app features 360 degree rotation of any body part, 10 layers of superficial and deep muscle visualizations, animations, and quizzes to allow students to test themselves on specific areas or muscles. Primarily a learning tool but can also be used as a reference app.


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How to Make Mobile Device Disinfection Part of Your BYOD Policy

When developing a BYOD policy, most businesses put the majority of their focus on the major elements of the program (i.e. cost and security). This seems logical, considering that developing a clear road map that outlines a secure, cost-efficient plan is the heart of any major implementation. However, there is still one critical element that is often overlooked when creating these implementation plans: disinfection.

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Tags: Managing Disinfection, BYOD

Keeping Patients Healthy: The Cost of Healthcare Acquired Infection

With healthcare costs at an all time high for both patients and hospital operations budgets, the price tag associated with staying healthy is often staggering. Patients may typically blame insurance companies and physicians for hefty bills, though clinics and hospitals funnel monies into several different channels that comprise the cost of doing business in healthcare.

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Tags: Infection Prevention

How Tablets are Being Used During Surgery

Recently, Drs. Itaru Endo and Ryuesi, surgeons at Yokohama City University, teamed up with software developer Alexander Kohn from Fraunhofer MEVIS in Germany to develop a new iPad app.

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Tags: Healthcare Technology

[Infographic] The Ability of Bacteria to Linger on Mobile Devices

In one of our recent blog articles we posted the question, when is the last time you disinfected your mobile device? The ability for bacteria to linger and multiply on the surfaces of these devices make that a very important question for those working in germ sensitive environments.

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Tags: Infection Prevention, Tablet Disinfection

Developing a BYOD Policy: 6 Key Considerations

The effectiveness of a BYOD initiative lies in the ability to develop a secure, flawless, and uniform user experience.  Users need to be able to access the appropriate information from wherever they are working. An inability to do so could lead to confusion, a loss of time, and an overall decrease in efficiency.

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Tags: BYOD

Will a Mobile Device BYOD Policy Really Save You Money?

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Mobile Device Maintenance: Should You Clean or Disinfect?

The New York Times recently published a great article entitled “Cleaning the Mobile Germ Warehouse” that does a great job of emphasizing all of the grime that builds up on your mobile devices and the germs that come with that. This article offers great insight on how to clean your mobile devices, but is cleaning alone enough?

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Tags: Managing Disinfection, Methods of Decontamination

How Cleaning Differs from Disinfection

People often use the terms "cleaning" and "disinfection" interchangeably in everyday conversation. While each of these terms refers to a method of decontamination, they have significantly different meanings. This may not seem like an issue, but the fact of the matter is that these terms represent two completely different processes, and the failure to use the proper method of decontamination could have severe consequences. In the case of healthcare and other germ sensitive environments, failure to utilize the proper method could result in serious infections, or even death.

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Tags: Methods of Decontamination

Infection in the Immunocompromised Patient

For patients who are immunocompromised, daily tasks can become frightening forums of infection. Public transportation, grocery store carts, and doctors’ offices can present immune system insults that these patients cannot readily fight.

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