Come visit us at Booth 8056!

Come visit us at BOOTH 8056 for a FREE mobile device disinfect!

Stop by to learn more about the new ReadyDock:UV Mobile and bring your dirty device with you!

When was the last time you disinfected your mobile device? Be honest! Whether it's your tablet, smartphone, or fablet the fact is that your mobile devices are filthy. In fact, studies have found the screens of mobile devices to be 18x dirtier than a toilet handle!

The screens of these devices offer germs and potentially dangerous bacteria a place to live and multiply. For those working in germ sensitive environments, frequent disinfection of these devices is critical to keeping patients and employees safe.

ReadyDock:UV Mobile was designed to address this issue. Whether your workplace is sharing devices or you bring you device from home, the ReadyDock allows you to store, charge, and disinfect your mobile device all in one place.

The ReadyDock:UV Mobile Features:

  • Chemical-free disinfection in less than a minute.
  • USB compatibility for easy charging.
  • PIN-based security for secure storage throughout the day.
  • A modular design that allows for a customized workflow.
  • Integrated workflow management and tracking software through our free CleanMe® app.


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